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Buddy Jackson, Entrepreneur. Musician. Digital Artist.
Conceived THIS™ Brand Clothing on November 24, 1989, NYC.

*WORDS. Since I am an uneducated Dreamer, I only know how to talk about my Great Idea, and have not yet stumbled upon the best approach to realizing the billion dollars I claim that #THIStm will earn through #Hippiemart #Wantra Locations (LICENSED PORTABLE LED LIGHTED KIOSKS NEW APPROACH TO CLOTHING SALES).

I finally decided to begin exploring the Creation of THIS™ Brand Gift Clothing in 2010, and since then I have been developing Music Video Advertainment’s in the hope of attracting a large American Corporate Clothing Company to buy #THIStm.

I use YouTube as a sort of demonstration repository for my http://vision.THIStm.com.

IMO, Amazon.com has already slaughtered The Clothing Industry, and the companies like Nordstrom and Macy’s who hope to use Pay-Per-Click advertising on Yahoo!, BING, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the Pinterest’s, Instagram’s Snapchat’s etc. \ Photo Apps.. Blah Blah Blah (fail).

The Saving Grace may have been for a Smartphone APP, but already the pre-installed Behavior Monitoring Software’s have completely won-over The Third Party Developers Apps (Manufacturers of the Cell Phone already beat the aftermarket plug-in Apps).

Perhaps These Dying Clothing Company Brainstormer’s Could Create a Sensational Favorite Family Buzz Show (Kirdashes) -AND THEN they could Pay The NEWS SHOWS To Popularize these Lifestyles of a “Git The Ball” kind of approach to living (duping the feeble-minded?)

Amazon already kicked-ass, and they don’t have to pay for Rent or Lease of Brick and Mortar Buildings, nor do they have to pay the employees and hire managers, etc.

In my town, Target is the new shopping mall of choice. (“Red’s”, as I call it) *see my http://comic.thistm.com

THE GOODWILL (These Secondhand Clothing Stores get their Clothing Donations for free, and they pretty much sell stuff at nearly 100% profit).

I wish to sell #THIStm Brand Gift Clothing and Accessories FROM #Hippiemart Locations -which I intend upon developing as “Tourist Attractions” which can be LICENSED to ANYONE who wants to OWN and OPERATE a Fun AND Exciting Business!

My hope is that I can introduce NEW SALES HOURS and Provide a Gathering Place where people can congregate for something to do, since I believe that technology has caused us all to Fear and Isolate from one another. Hippiemart Locations will Attract AND PRODUCE Peace-Loving, Free-Spirited People.

Some Excellent Suggested Locations for these Portable #Hippiemart Businesses are THE VACANT and ABANDONED Real Estate Properties of FAILED BUSINESSES lying DORMANT, everywhere!

#Hippiemart will sell #THIStm as a Gift in a Box, With a Card! and ideally, Our Products are to be Purchased for Someone You Love or Care About (as a Gift).

You Get Three, For The Price of Two, like #THIStm Phone Number: (213) 3-4-2 THIS.

Wanting to Start a Business and License a #Hippiemart KIOSK?

See #THIStm 2010 Animation Concept (created before LED Lighted Kiosk concept OR THE NEW Corrugated Cardboard Display Kiosk Concepts of 2016) http://intro.THIStm.com

#FhEAR #THIStm #Fashion #Wantra!

So, I have no financial backing for the manifestation of #Hippiemart, but I am asking for 0k per month to “pwn” me and my business ideas of rescuing the DYING Clothing Industry. AND each day I am slowly working to bring Hippie Mart [Tourist Attractions] as RECYCLED PE PLASTIC KIOSKS along with PICO PROJECTOR and SOUND SYSTEM for THE MUSIC VIDEO ADVERTISEMENTS/ENTERTAINMENTS I intend to Splash onto available screens at night when our new hours of operation provide those who wish to live life differently, happily, lovingly.

I Believe THIS™ to be the absolute BEST Brand NAME for Clothing & Accessories. #THIStm “Trumps” ALL OTHER BRAND NAMES, AND, Because You’ll Still Want THIS™ from Hippiemart even if you wear Dat!

*Basically, all The Wordy Mumbo-Jumbo I’ve Typed, states that I need Business HELP and am hoping for Large Corporate Clothing Company Backing from someone like American Apparel etc. in Bringing #THIStm To The Wonderful World Of #Fashion as a Billion Dollar Reality.

Buy THIS™!
-Git Xome Onyu!


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