84inch 4K optically bonded 40 multitouch TM larger than Touch Kiosk

Other than optical bonding, there are still so many new features about faytech’s 84″ 4K Capacitive Touch Monitor. After the usage of an auxiliary board, we developed some new functions for the device.

In this short video, Arne Weber will demonstrate two amazing features – multiple subdisplays, from 2 subdisplays up to 4; and 40-point multitouch.As always, digital signage is still a suitable task for 84″ 4K Capacitive Touch Monitor, but the combination of these new features develops it more potential, e.g. hosting different tasks simultanaeously for multiple users – perfect option for education purposes.

Founded in 2010 faytech specializes in Touch Monitors and TouchPCs. Having its roots in Germany the company combines German quality standards with Chinese manufacturing.

faytech is the first choice for any touch device related business with a large stock of standard touch devices and the flexibility and competence to realize any touch device project. Do not hesitate to contact faytech at www.faytech.com or send your e-mail inquiries to sales@faytech.com.

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