Biomtric Fingerprint Machine iClock360 introduction – For Payroll Singapore and Time attendance

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Singapore Payroll for Foreign employees are also covered under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, Singapore payroll also coverd by the act if you are an employee working under a contract of service with an employer.
It covers local and foreign employees payroll.
An employee can be employed in the following terms:
Singapore payroll system should covered
CPF Submission
Foreign worker levy
Direct bank Giro link to DBS, OCBC, UOB etc
An employee’s payroll can be paid on the following basis:

If you work less than 35 hours a week, you are a part-time employee covered by the Employment of Part-Time Employees Regulations.
However, you are not covered if you are employed as a:

Time Management Software Pro (V1SoHo) 9.0 version is a web based Time and Attendance System. This solution is very flexible which means it can be integrated with any biometrics devices such as fingerprint devices, face recognition devices, ID card time clock machine or handpunch machine. Also, this Time Management Software Pro (V1SoHo) 9.0 can works well with Access Control System and Payroll Singapore or Payroll Malaysia too.

1. BCA EPSS Solutions : BCA Singapore Implement Biometrics Devices and Tripod at construction site.

2. Singapore BCA EPSS BTA 2016 – Biometrics Solutions Demo (BuildTech Asia, BCA course, BCA Singapore)

3. Singapore BCA EPSS with Biometrics Attendance System (Fingerprint Reader, Handpunch, Facial Machine)

4. BCA EPSS integrated with Face Recognition Systems interface with Time Attendance System in Singapore

5. Face Recognition and Fingerprint device integrated with Time Management System and Payroll Malaysia

6. Singapore Time Attendance by Door Access Control System using Proximity Card, Timesheet for Payroll

7. Malaysia Payroll and Job Costing Time Management System integrated with Real Time Attendance Kiosk

8. Payroll Malaysia and TMS works with Handpunch/Handkey (for Shipyard, Construction Site, BCA EPSS)

9. Payroll Singapore integrated with Time Management – How It Works (Biometrics System, Fingerprint)

10. Singapore Payroll Services integrated with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scanner – Demo

11. Payroll Malaysia link with Proximity Card Door Access Control System and Tripod

12. Biometrics System in Portable Cabin intergrated with BCA EPSS (face recognition, fingerprint, card)

13. Visitor Management System (VMS) with Online Course Booking and Pass Application for BAS and BCA EPSS

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