SimSensei & MultiSense: Virtual Human and Multimodal Perception for Healthcare Support

The USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) is a leader in basic research and advanced technology development of virtual humans who think and behave like real people. ICT brings together experts in clinical psychology, cognitive science, computer Discover A Lot More


Motion Sensing (KINECT) Multi Touch KIOSK (6Point) CMS / Scheduler / Analysis AD Template (10EA Type) Mall Directory UI/GUI Development Interactive UX Technology Motion Sensing & Touch Project by raonsquare(㈜라온스퀘어) — #CONTACT US +82 Discover A Lot More

Raspberry Pi Kiosk, App Development and Swift – Let’s Make It – #61 – –

This week Bob shows us his Raspberry Pi based kiosk that uses screenly and his custom program for detecting presence to turn on a light. We also talk about Bob’s app on the App Store and it’s development. And lastly we talk about the new language Discover A Lot More