Kiosk – Windows Phone App

Kiosk é uma app para Windows Phone que lhe mostra as capas dos principais jornais Portugueses. Para além disso permite aceder aos sites dos jornais presentes na aplicação. Link para o Download: Link Discover A Lot More

Setting up Retropie on a Raspberry Pi 3 for an Arcade Cabinet

In this video we will go over the process of installing RetroPie onto a Raspberry Pi 3, configuring an NES (USB remake) gamepad, and installing a Super Mario Bros game. To find out more and go further in-depth read the article on PRODUCTS Discover A Lot More

How to Run HTML/Javascript/WebGL Game in Chrome Kiosk Mode for Exhibition

Got a web game that requires you to run a local HTTP server and want to exhibit it on a windows machine? Free and open source MiniWeb makes it easy: 1. Download both your game and MiniWeb (from Discover A Lot More

$595 Metal Ring Light Photo Booth Kiosk Optional swivel bracket, umbrella iclick

This is our newest kiosk. It is 5 for the shell only and will fit any 10-12″ windows tablet. We recommend the surface pro 1 or 2. It is 12″x24″ tall x 5″ deep metal kiosk with mirror on the backside. It includes a 40″ tall 4.5×4.5″ aluminum square Discover A Lot More