Chrome Launcher For Kodi Problems

Chrome Launcher For Kodi is touted as a solution for browsing through Kodi. The program is free as most Kodi apps are but unfortunately it does not work the way many have let on.

The Main Chrome Launcher for Kodi problems appear to be based on what platform you are using kodi with. We tried it on three. We used Chrome Launcher for Kodi on a WIndows computer, We used Chrome Launcher for Kodi on Minix Neo Android Player running 5.1.1 and we installed the Chrome Launcher for Kodi on Fire TV.

Each device had the most current Kodi build as well as the Chrome browser installed. The only platform that supported the Chrome Launcher was my Windows Laptop.

Have you had problems with the Chrome Launcher for Kodi?

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13 thoughts on “Chrome Launcher For Kodi Problems

  1. Android, windows, Linux different OS. If on Linux and windows the paths to executable file are easy to gues, on Android is different story because there are many builds, which put the apps on other places. Another thing is IF you install Gapps or OpenGapps hich may work or not with the distro that you are using, but also both depends on the script that tells to the system where to install them.So by default we will have Gapps which should install the apps on System folder and Open Gapps doing it the same but also splitting them to the to other folders. Having this on mind, your other Android devices aren't compatible with the script from Kody because of that. The script is looking for chrome in the System folder. The path youl find it more detailed by doing a Google search. Anyway… The idea is that the file that is behind that menu in Kody should be re-written by hand on each system too have it pointing to the chrome executable. This is what I think. I have never tested because this is the first time I found that exist some extension for Kody, but you can try it and report back. For Android you need Root and Root Explorer app to move Chrome to System/Apps. Good luck and Salutations.

  2. how do you go to settings and launch chrome like that?! and have Google keyboard? are you on Kodi? or what? I need a browser

  3. when you look at the code of this addon, it's actually calling the file path of chrome (windows file path) this addon is simply prompting chrome to start and run with a predfined link. it's not really desirable way to view something from kodi or kodi box.
    If i'm on a pc which i am. I'd much rather alt tab to a browser with shortcuts for the sites i use

  4. will this let me log onto the addons i have installed in kodi? I want to use my Tunein favorites list on Kodi, but I have no way to log in since the Tunein addon itself just shows a popup telling you to go to and log in. Since I'm loged in on my pc, I assume I need to log in on my fire stick…so I need a browser.

  5. It worked as claimed. launches chrome browser
    I am looking to play Kodi inside chrome so that I can Cast to my device

  6. I have a problem Windows 7 sp1. chrome launcher uses the wrong audio output. when i open the same page in the browser no kodi the audio is fine.

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