Destiny – How to find all the Exotic Weapons

In this video I tell you how to find every exotic weapons and pieces of armour in Destiny. These are items like thunderlord, SUROS Regime and the Vex Mythoclast. Some are bought from Xur, some are found in the raid, some can be found from exotic weapon bounties, some come from the nightfall strike. I also talk about why the loot cave doesn’t work as a way of farming exotics.

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20 thoughts on “Destiny – How to find all the Exotic Weapons

  1. let's be honest most players using a Warlock are just relying on there self res. hunter is the best class

  2. i have been getting into destiny. right now I’m a level 23. But i still have 2 questions i can’t figure out. 1) what do you have to do to open up new missions and new worlds? 2). how can i find mars and venus?

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