Ensighten Data and Tag Management by Alex Rodriguez – part 1/2

Build a strong foundation of your omni-channel marketing strategy with Data & Tag Management. http://www.ensighten.com

Marketers are under pressure to show tangible return on their Analytics investment whilst boosting acquisition, engagement and conversion metrics. To this end companies are turning to activities that better leverage their analytic and CRM data to deliver personalised 1:1 experience to all customer segments across all digital touch-points.

Tag management and data solutions can help you establish a good foundation to power your marketing activity, which is why SuperAnalytics and Ensighten, global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, have partnered to deliver you an agile solution to build your marketing strategy.

In this breakfast meeting we will discuss how:

Agile Marketing: Deploy any technology in minutes not months, across any channel and start collecting data to better understand the customer journey and reporting on conversions to your affiliates, agencies in-house acquisition teams.

Better quality data: Ensighten’s unique hybrid (client and server side) architecture ensures the best data collection to power your analytics solution and 1:1 conversions across Mobile, APP, desktop, kiosk and more.

Data activation: Leverage your data for personalising the customer experience from acquisition to re-activation, and optimise performance by maximising every contact opportunity with data-driven real-time programmatic buying.

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