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H&R, Jackson-Hewitt come to Walmart

Filing your taxes can now be just as easy as shopping for groceries. Newsource reporter Bridget Anderson takes a looks at new tax services being offered in local Walmarts.

You can now file your taxes in the same place you can buy your bread and milk . H&R block and Jackson-Hewitt now feature full-service kiosks inside of Northeast Georgia Walmarts. These kiosks offer a variety of tax services, including free preparation for those filing a 1040EZ form

Nationwide about 15% of people have to file a 1040EZ form, but in Athens that percentage is more like 30.

Amy Atkinson manages a local H&R Block and has helped many people fill out this form and knows all about it.

Atkinson says, “The 1040EZ is what a lot of students are going to be filing because most of them don’t own homes, don’t have children…you know they’re just filing maybe for one or two W-2’s. So then most people are going to qualify for the 1040EZ.”

U-G-A student and employee Mark Neufeld has filed his own taxes for the past five years. He says he is comfortable filing out his 1040EZ form but says he would still consider visiting a kiosk.

“The thing is since you only do it once a year you do kind of forget how to do it because you don’t file that information when you got other stuff going on in your life. So I would probably use that service if I had any kind of questions” said Neufeld about filing taxes.

Jackson-Hewitt kiosks can be found in both Athens area Walmarts and H&R block has kiosks in the Buford and Gainsville areas.

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