Learn 2 Key Seacrets for a Great WOW Party!! | Fei Bi Liu

Learn 2 Key Seacrets for a Great WOW Party!! | Fei Bi Liu
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In this video, Dr. FeiBi Liu, taught you 2 key Seacrets that you can implement into your WOW Party

1. Make sure that you have a variety of Seacret Products so that your friends and family members can choose to purchase the product right after they have seen it in action.

2. Keep your Most Demonstratable products ready to go, such as the M4 (magnetic Mud mask), the Regular Seacret Mud Mask, and the Peeling Gel.

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-Josh Denne and Fei Bi Liu (Feibi)
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Read all about Seacret Down Below:

What is Seacret:
Seacret ( Formerly known as Seacret Direct) is a Skin Care company who specializes in Products from the Dead Sea in Israel. You might know of Seacret or Seacret Spa from the Kiosks in the Mall which are located all across the world. Seacret is a Global Operation.

Seacret’s Products are manufacturing by L’oreal. Here are all of the Dead Sea Products for the Body which are all Mineral Rich, that Seacret has to offer: Body Butter, Body Lotion, Cuticle oil, Foot Cream with tea tree oil, hand cream with shea butter, mineral soap, Nail buffer, nail care kit, Dead Sea Salt and Oil Scrub, Dead Sea Salt Scrub.

Here are all of Seacret’s Dead Sea Mineral Facial Skin Care Products:
Facial Cleansing milk, Mineral Rich Refining toner, Mud Soap, Balancing Facial Serum, Essential Nutrition Eye Gel, Purifying Peeling Milk with Apricot Seeds, Mineral Rich Clarifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, M4 Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask, Men’s After Shave Balm, Intensive Moisture Night Cream, Intensive Moisture Face Cream, Dead Sea Mineral Rich Peeling Gel.

Here are all of the Anti Aging Age Defying Skin Care Dead Sea Mineral Seacret Products:
Renew Mineral Rich Scrubbing Mask, Restore age defying serum, Refresh Vitamin Rich Moisturizer, Revive Age Defying Eye Serum, Regain Age Defying Eye Cream, Revitalize Thermal Moisture Mask, Recover Day Mask to lift wrinkles in 15 minutes.

Seacret’s Products have been shown to help its customers with: psoriasis treatment, get rid of wrinkles or reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen to increase volume, get rid of acne and clear acne skin, smooth out hands, face, and body, and many more anti aging benefits.

The Seacret Business Opportunity:
Seacret is more than a MLM or Network Marketing Company. We are not a get rich quick make money from home with no work type of business opportunity. This company has had Hundreds of Million dollars worth of sales in traditional retail business and is know moving that operation into the Relationship Marketing Field. The leaders here at Seacret what nothing but to help individuals succeed and have their team members also achieve success by empowering them to not only have smooth skin but create a nice passive and residual income.

Seacret Leadership Team:

Seacret Founders:
Izhak Benshabat ~ Co – CEO of Seacret
Moty Benshabat ~ Co – CEO of Seacret
Betty Perez ~ Co – Founder of Seacret
Hayden Daughters ~ Co – Founder of Seacret
Robert Meirovich ~ Co – Founder of Seacret

Top Seacret Agents:
* Tim Herr ~ Master Distributor of Seacret * Christopher Kim ~ Master Distributor of Seacret * John Malott and Tiffaney Malott ~ Top Money Ring Earner * KC Call and Elena Call * Josh Denne and Cindy Denne * Jesse Macpherson and Patty Macpherson * Che Ho * Julian Doan * Nicole Wong * Derek Gilson * Fei Bi Liu (Feibi) * Joe Valenzuela

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