Nyc Goes All Pulp Fiction/Royale Mit Käse McD’s Touchscreen Ordering Kiosk Prototype München

There are roughly 3.2 million Fast Food workers in the United States today.

In the year 2009 McDonalds had introduced Prototypes of its electronic touch screen kiosk food ordering machines in Munich Germany.

Within the next 2 to 3 years we can expect these machines to become part of not just McDonalds, but every Fast Food Restaurant in the USA, putting at least 1 million people permanently out of a job.

On a lighter note, here Nyc proves that John Travolta was telling the truth in ‘Pulp Fiction’ when he said that there is no ‘Quarter Pounder’ in Europe because they use the Metric System and so they sell a ‘Royale With Cheese’ instead.

Pls read Kiosk Manufacturer

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