P3TV – PS Vita Kiosk USB Stick INFO and Download


Format a 1 GB or larger USB Flash Drive to FAT32

Next download this File – https://www.dropbox.com/s/vg57o06uw393i6g/Ps%20Vita%20Kiosk%20SW.zip

Extract using Winrar or Winzip

Then copy all 7 folders in the USB Stick.

Plug USB Stick into PS Vita Kiosk

Free Video Conversion software

Pls read Kiosk Manufacturer

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7 thoughts on “P3TV – PS Vita Kiosk USB Stick INFO and Download

  1. The usb stick was in mine.  With everything on it.  I can send you a copy of it you want it.  I'm the one from ebay that contacted you,.

  2. thanks man thats awesome!!!! I have had my vita kiosk for a year now and have been trying to figure out how to get the usb to work!!! there were 2 gamestops in my town and one closed, thats how I got the vita kiosk last year!!!

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