Print and Burn CDs and DVDs with Bravo 4200

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Do you need to print and burn professional looking CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs?

Primera’s new Bravo 4200-Series Disc Publisher is an all-in-one automated disc burning and printing system.

It offers high print quality, fast print speeds, a single ink cartridge and a USB 3 point O(0h) connection for faster data transfers.

Bravo 4200-Series is perfect for producing audio, video or any other digital information such as music CDs for bands to sell, court proceedings, police car video evidence, worship services, medical recordings for PACS/DIECOM and more.

The Bravo 4200-Series can be configured as a print only device, with one or two drives or with Blu-Ray drives.

The 4200 series features Primera’s highest disc capacity.

You can load 50 to 100 discs into the Bravo 4200 series. Once you hit Go on the included software the disc is burned and then the built-in robotic arm transports the disc into the printer tray.

The Bravo 4200 series prints directly onto the surface of the disc with vibrant, high-resolution, color inkjet printing.

With the optional kiosk kit, discs are dispensed to the front of the printer.

Finished discs dry quickly and are scratch resistant.

Visit Primera-dot-com to learn more.

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