Retropie 4.1 + Attract Mode 2.2.0 = Awesomeness

This is not part of the RetroPie project. It is not part of the Attract Mode project.

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Just wanted to show you guys Attract Mode 2.2.0 running on top of Retropie 4.1 using a raspberry pi 3.

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so it’s been brought to my attention that the background art is made by Digital Cherries and taken from retro neon arcade on steam

the neon theme was made by David Marti

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Attract Mode Website -

Pls read Kiosk Manufacturer

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18 thoughts on “Retropie 4.1 + Attract Mode 2.2.0 = Awesomeness

  1. Hey eta.. hope all is well.. I have a question, is it possible for me to get attract mode on a already installed version of retropie? I'm using the retropie within the multiboot pi

  2. NES Classic hacks brought me here- I never knew the Raspberry Pi platform made such a great 16-bit emulator. Gonna get one for my birthday in a few months from the wife. This could be a slippery slope….

  3. What's up @ETA Prime! Great videos! I have a question I'm hoping you can help out…i am trying to add ScummVM to attract mode…proving very difficult! I found some instructions but they're pretty vague. I'm lost on how the roms are linked since they're folders and not files for each game. Any help is appreciated, great videos as always!!!

  4. I don't know who made the theme itself, but the background images are static photos of the PC game/frontend called "New Retro Arcade" 🙂 It's an arcade recreation you can walk around in, explore, play cabinets, play Gameboy and SNES, and listen to music.

  5. how can i update frome attractmode 0.5 to 2.2 without going thruo a whole new image setup please help!!!

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