MultIFX COMBO interactive football game for Coke Zero activation in Saudi Arabia

MultiFX COMBO using 2 x MultiFX Units. One MultiFX FLOOR and one MultiFX WALL, both networked and talking to each other via a sound processor. In this case, we designed the entire booth for this purpose together with Mindshare interactive, creating Discover A Lot More

Spin to Win Prize Wheel Game Marketing – Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Solutions by LobbyPad

What is LobbyPad? • Easy and user friendly solutions — served on a elegant, secure and self-serve kiosk • Custom designed kiosk solutions designed to your specifications • Graphically rich interactive applications • Discover A Lot More

How to Return Anywhere REDBOX DVD Blu-ray Movie Game Rental Discs (2016 Kiosk Locations Near Me Cost

Quick video showing you how to return your Red Box DVD BluRay, or video game rental discs to the kiosk box. What time when is my Redbox movie due by? The rental cycle begins at midnight your local time. For example if you rent a movie at 11:59 Discover A Lot More

INTEVO Internet Access Kiosk and Touch Screen Game Machine.

INTEVO™ is the FIRST countertop with a touch screen and integraded keyboard to have FULL internet capabilities and games. INTEVO™ is powered by a software and hardware platform designed and manufactured by VirtuPlay. Its main function is an Internet Discover A Lot More