outdoor digital signage kiosk/outdoor advertising player—Jingruns

1. Size: 21.5″,26″,32″, 42″,46″,55″,65″,70″, 84″; 2. OS: Android, Quad-core,Ram:4GB, Flash:8GB; or Windows 7/8,Processor:I3/I5/I7,Ram:4GB,Hdd:500GB. 3. Function: With wifi, bluetooth, 3G module; touch screen, HD webcam, printer, card-reader,etc. 4. Discover A Lot More

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Display – Easy Digital Signage Installation

When the Norwalk Parking Authority wanted to increase engagement with parking patrons, they implemented interactive touch screen kiosks that provide information and offers on local attractions, events, area restaurants and more. blabfeed is an award-winning Discover A Lot More

Coin/Banknote/Card Operated Cell Phone Charging Kiosk by Winnsen, Network Digital Signage Option

Winnsen innovative 19″ Network Advertising and Mobile Phone Charging Station with Electronic Locker APC-06A is specially designed for advertising application, it is with a 19 inch LCD to display videos and pictures all the time. This cell phone charging Discover A Lot More

How to set up a Digital Signage Advertising Network (part 2): Pricing, structure, CPM, steps, hosts

How to set up a digital signage network; part 2, by http://iMotionMedia.com Once you’ve installed your TV and media players in all 10 of your host locations, and added all the necessary advertising for you and your host, it is important to make Discover A Lot More