Interactive Kiosk On Any Tablet Using LOOK Digital Signage Software

Today I want to show you how by using the LOOK digital signage service you can fast and simple turn any device with a touch screen, whether it is professional floor-standing display or even tablet like this one, into the turnkey interactive kiosk. Discover A Lot More

Reach iPad Articulating Desk Mount – Secure Tablet Workstation Kiosk – Healthcare Stand

Product Link: Allow your work space to “Reach new heights” with the Space Reach iPad Articulating desk mount. Tilt, swivel, extend and retract your iPad with a smooth gliding motion Discover A Lot More

PYLE (PSPADLK38) Tamper-Proof Anti-Theft iPad Tablet Kiosk Floor Stand Holder for Public Display

Safely and securely place your tablet on display. The Pyle PSPADLK38 anti-theft tablet floor stand is adjustable and fits tablets up to 10.0” inches tall and 7.2” wide (Works with iPads, Android Tablets, Kindle, Galaxy, Samsung, etc.). Rest assured Discover A Lot More