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Restaurants using self-service kiosks to replace wait staff and save on staffing costs

Restaurants suffering from growing staffing costs under the five-day work week law are increasingly looking to self-service kiosks as alternatives to wait staff. The machines cost NT,000 apiece, and promise massive savings over the NT0,000 spent Discover A Lot More

Build Your Own Photo Booth Using a Chassis Kit From Shootcase Photo Booth Manufacturing UK

WARNING! THIS VIDEO IS OLD! Please visit to see the new model which is even easier to build from our kit. ———————- What’s in the box? The kit includes a fully assembled chassis and all the Discover A Lot More

How to build cheap touchscreen using commercial touch screen conversion frame. DIY

For more information, please visit: How to install interactive multi-touch overlay kit with Action Demo. *You can have more info at our web store:. Just google commercial touch screen or himalayas touch screen. * Discover A Lot More