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The Wizard Of Oz Kiosk Model Token Pusher / Prize Redemption Games – Elaut has introduced their movie-themed token pusher game called “The Wizard of Oz Kiosk”, which is available as an amazing 1 or 2-player prize card redemption game with lots of new ideas, and a very customer-pleasing and colorful cabinet !

The game is like a typical coin pusher, except the game drops green and red tokens, and (10) different collectible cards of varying points values (operator sets redemption values) onto the playfield at set intervals. There are (10) different Wizard Of Oz cards to collect, and if a player collects a full set, operators can offer players BIG points! !

Players receive a credit of tokens by inserting coins or bills displayed on the display in the centre of the playfield, then try to align the arm by using the joystick
to move the arm in its desired position, and then launch the tokens by pushing a button (Rapid play permitted by keeping the button pressed in) The suspense of the gameplay is enhanced by a neat bonus feature that returns from 5 to 50 extra tokens ! Players try to push as many points and cards off the playfield as fast as they can, and try to get as many points as they can !

Operators absolutely amazed at Wizard of Oz’s earning potential and impressed with its fully automatic functioning, and the very eye-catching and attractively colored cabinet, exciting gameplay and BIG profits – Some locations have reported a full return on investment in less than 2 months ! Comes complete with Global Coin Comparator/Acceptor

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