VendaVolt Nayax Powered Cashless Payment Vending Kiosk

The VendaVolt Cashless Payment Vending Kiosk is available in many type configuration models. The most popular is the VendaVolt 24 that has the capability to send cashless payments for time to 1 – 24 stations. Example is for a laundromat that has rows of washers & dryers. The VendaVolt 24 has six (6) different vend prices selected by turning a rotary selection switch. The selected station is sent quarters or dollar values to mimic the coin mechanism. Also available is a single, double, triple, quadruple push button model VendaVolt. This cashless Nayax powered kiosk is available for every location in the world that Nayax has representation. Example Australia & New Zealand. For more information, please contact XCP Corp, [1] 352-678-3021, Web:

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