Verint Spy System in Sydney Rail – CONFIRMED June 2009

Verint – COMVERSE – Amdocs Israeli based spy systems set up in many “Sensitive Government Networks” Including mass transit systems. Across the globe. Strategically placed “businesses” used as fronts for Mossad agents to enact false flag terror attacks.

Scrolling backwards along the timeline we can see that Comverse bought Loronix in 1999, but more interesting is its acquisition of Odigo in 2001, right before the 9/11 attacks. It was Odigos own Israeli employees that were given advance warnings of the impending attacks, establishing Israeli foreknowledge.

Nextiva is Verints IP-based video security system. Even Dominoes Pizza is using Verints Nextiva system. So is St. Josephs Hospital in Tampa, Florida, the San Antonio Transit Authority, Washingtons Olympia Intercity Transit which serves the communities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Yelm, Washington over an area of 94 square miles, an unnamed Major U.S. Port, Chinas Shenzhen Bay Port Authority (must-read article about Shenzhen and its big brother surveillance culture HERE), Montreal Metro, as we already know — and on and on it goes.

Dan Bodner, President and CEO of Verint Systems Inc says:
Cities around the world are making significant investments in technologies that enhance the security of their residents, preserve economic growth and ensure the protection of critical infrastructure. Verints Nextiva Wireless Intelligent Edge solutions leverage existing investments in municipal wireless networks to deliver video surveillance solutions that promote public safety and improve emergency preparedness.

It does seem like Verint likes to be around for emergencies, doesnt it? See here: Israeli security technology keeps mass transit safe:^l1125&enPage=BlankPage&enDisplay=view&enDispWhat=object&enVersion=0&enZone=Technology

The more than 4.5 million commuters who use the New York City subway system subway each day were the targets earlier this month in an alleged terrorist threat against the United States largest mass transit system. The bomb scare prompted Mayor Michael Bloomberg to raise the Red Alert and order extra vigilant measures in the citys transportation system.

One of the ways in which the people of New York, London, and the residents of other major cities are being protected is via an Israeli-developed technology which provides see-all video, audio and data surveillance from multiple locations across a mass transportation system.

Launched last month on AirTrain JFK – the 8.1-mile light rail labrynthe that connects JFK Airport to the New York City areas mass transit setup – the Nextiva Transit System developed by Verint Systems Inc. captures unattended bags, theft, loitering and other suspicious activities on tracks, passenger platforms, cars, buses, switching facilities and equipment depots. [……]

Thank God for Israeli security!

More Verint clients:

China Ministry of Railways

Portland Transportation Authority (bus and rail)

Spains MetroValencia (rail system, 60 million passengers per year)

Copenhagen railway system in Denmark

Brazils Port of Santos

AirTrain JFK

Orlando International Airport

Frances Charles de Gaulle Airport: 600 cameras supported by Verints Nextiva Intelligent Edge Devices

Port of Beaumont

Port of Galveston

Verint Upgrades Security at Dulles International Airport in 2003

Charlotte Area Transit System Selects Verint Nextiva

Israeli Businesses in Australia:

Arrested man Brendan O Connell did a lot more than make a video about the racist verses in the Talmud. He uncovered an Israeli mall kiosk operation in Australian Shopping centers..

He Uncovered a VERINT Spy network at play with Australias Defence Communications with:

1) NSW Sydney CityRail
2) Elite SAS Soldiers
3) Collins Class Submarines

But exactly how reliable is this info?

Steve Johnson calls the companies and Depts involved to verify Brendans vital work.

More information to this story:

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MONTREAL – VERINT Spy Scandal exposed recently in APRIL 2009 :

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Pls read Kiosk Manufacturer

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